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Small Business Advisory Program

Join our limited-access, 12-month program designed for 25 select entrepreneurs,
offering comprehensive learning sessions and  interactive Q&A

Unlock 12 Months of Expert Guidance, Community, and Growth

Exclusive Small Business Advisory Program: Grow Your Business

12-Month Program Access

A year-long journey of growth, learning, and business transformation.

Limited To 25 People

Exclusive, focused group ensuring personalised attention and maximum impact.

30 Minutes Of Learning

Concise, impactful learning sessions tailored to your business needs.

1 Hour Of Questions

Dedicated time for in-depth queries, enhancing understanding and application.

WhatsApp Group Access

Join our community for continuous support and real-time advice.

Ask An Accountant

Direct access to experts for your accounting questions within 48 hours.

Quarterly Bookkeeping Audit

Regular audits to ensure your finances are accurate and healthy.

$500/Month Investment

Affordable monthly investment for invaluable business growth and support.

Transforming Today's Businesses for Tomorrow's Success

Who Should Join: Is This Program Right for You?

The Type of Business That Would Benefit the Most

Ideal Business Profiles for Maximum Program Impact

  • Businesses seeking structured growth and scalability.
  • Entrepreneurs requiring strategic financial insights and guidance.
  • Small businesses aiming for streamlined financial management.
  • Owners looking for a supportive community and expert advice.
  • Start-ups and established businesses ready to take the next step.
The Long-Term Benefits of the Program

Long-Term Advantages: Investing in Your Business's Future

  • Sustainable business growth and development.
  • Enhanced financial health and compliance.
  • Stronger decision-making skills based on expert insights.
  • Long-lasting network and community support.
  • Continuous learning and adaptation to changing business landscapes.

Client Feedback

"Evergent has gone above and beyond for my company and helped us through some tricky times. The ease of mind being set up with Evergent is worth every penny"

Julian Roberts - Founder, The Ice Cream Factory

My Marketing Department