Startup Packages

We know the importance of getting the right advice for your venture as early as possible. Our goal is to give your Startup the most appropriate advice and solutions to ensure that your business has the greatest chance of success. Let's talk about the best startup packages for your business.

As a new business ourselves we understand exactly what you need and we also know that one of the most important decisions for a Startup is where to invest the limited cash supply. That’s why at Evergent, we tailored our packages for you so your investment in our services reaches its maximum value.

In addition, we have a number of reduced payment solutions which allow your Startup to get the advice it needs now while allowing you the option to pay once the cash flow of the venture improves. We are really invested in the success of your business and that’s how we like it.

As part of our Solution, We can provide assistance with targetted Startup Packages:

  • Business Structure Advice and Implementation
  • Research and Development Grants & Tax Credits
  • Other Startup Grants and Concessions
  • Accounting Systems
  • Stock Management Systems
  • Investor Managements and Review
  • Management Reports
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Payroll Management

“To ensure we are always aligned with “Our Why”, every package includes a 1 hour catch up and unlimited ongoing support and ad hoc advice.”

Check out our pricing guide below and please enquire about our equity program.