The Why

Providing freedom to small business owners.

Why are we here?

To provide freedom to small business owners.

How do we deliver?

Fostering real relationships with your staff and yourself to ensure your queries are discussed in the most effective and efficient manner, allowing appropriate solutions in real-time.

Continually redefining how accounting is approached both through technology and relationships in order to provide your business with the most efficient and valuable services possible.

Ensure our employees are happy, satisfied and motivated so we can guarantee the best service possible.

What we deliver?

We provide all your accounting, bookkeeping and reporting needs in one monthly package.

Every solution we provide is designed to provide you with value, that is to either save you time, reduce your compliance costs, increase your visibility on your business or directly increase your profits.

Guaranteed best value for money packages in the industry. If you are unhappy with our services after 3 months, we will give you your money back plus 2 months fees as compensation.

The Story of Evergent

At Evergent our aim is to disrupt the accounting industry by providing solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses with the singular intention of helping them with all facets.

``Providing freedom to small business owners.``

“Our past determines our present, and our present is what shapes our future.” – unknown

Read our story to find out why we do what we do and where we came from.

The Name

EVERGENT; we pronounce it ev-vur-juh nt

No matter how you pronounce it, it still means the same thing.

Our founder Lucas came up with the business name by combining two words - evolving and divergent.

By definition -
Evolving - continue to develop into better, or more advanced states
Divergent - tending to be different.

Combining the two sees us continually striving to develop and implement changes for our clients whilst ensuring we are different from the rest.

We told you; no more boring accountants.

Our Founder and CEO

Lucas Helmke grew up in a remote Victorian town called Tinamba. His family worked from dawn to dusk in their small business “The Tinamba Hotel” and this is Where it all began.

Like many children Lucas was born into small business, living right alongside the hotel, and as soon as he could walk and carry a plate he was put to work in the bistro clearing tables earning a couple of dollars. Money which was spent at the one of the two other stores in town( for a 4 year-old that was not the Engineering and Pump Shop). That is where Lucas learned the mechanics of business, what it takes to succeed and how easily everything could fall apart if not kept in check. The most important lesson learnt was the importance of communication, the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. The secret he to this he says “is to treat everyone person no matter their, age, gender or background exactly the same and afford them with the same level or respect”.

Lucas was grounded in Tinamba and worked at the same family business until he turned 18 and graduated from Maffra High School. After receiving a scholarship at the Australian Defence Force Academy Lucas started his university education at the UNSW through the Australian Defence Force in Canberra. Lucas is continually grateful for this experience and attributes it to his growth in confidence, willingness to seek challenges and discipline…

The Solution

At Evergent we simply practice what we preach. We build a relationship with you and take the time to understand you and your business.

We have a seamless and complete accounting system then can deliver value to your business. We are ahead of the pack in implementing new technology and utilising it to maximise the efficiency of your business and our service.

Everything we do comes back to 'Our Why'. To ensure small business owners and entrepreneurs have the ability to achieve their dream.